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How a Real Estate Website Should Work



As real estate investors we understand that we need to have a pipeline for our leads that is organized and direct. The same holds true for an investor’s website because after years of trial and error we have found that squeeze pages and a direct message constantly outperform websites that are loaded to the hilt with bells and whistles.

What we are going to be covering here is my tried and true method for setting up a website that makes for a fine, unobstructed pipeline for your leads. The more you understand the reasons behind the structure, the better you will be able to market and drive traffic that will convert into leads!

First thing we need to address is what you want to get out of your website, I think we can all agree that we want to display our properties for sale as well as to generate a list of buyers, and have seller leads coming in. We see that these are 3 essential pipelines for any investor, but why should we keep the bells and whistles out of the equation?

The answer is that they are distractions from your main goal and only work to obstruct your traffic from the main goal ::GETTING THEIR INFORMATION:: Many think that more is better, but when we want their contact information we really want to keep things simple and this is where the “squeeze page” comes in handy.

What is a “squeeze page” anyway?

Let me answer that with an example of our main pipeline through the website that is directed at motivated sellers… The home page offers up the fact that “We Buy Houses!” along with a list of common situations most sellers fall into. This part of the page keeps their attention and kindles their interest and at the end of the reasons they should deal with us we offer a “Free Special Report” on foreclosures. Now they click the link to get the report and up pops a screen requesting their name and email. When they enter their information, they get the report, and you get their email and can follow up manually or with an auto-responder.

What we are doing in the bigger scheme of things is marketing our website to individuals who are facing foreclosure and those that come see what problems we can solve, see the special report, want the special report, click on the link, and in order to get the Foreclosure Report that they want all they have to do is enter a modest amount of information and it’s theirs! When you have something of value you can typically get a name and email at the very least and to sellers, this special report has value.

Now the special report makes for a great closer because it illustrates what they can expect if they go into foreclosure and brings to life the fact that you, the investor, are the best option.

Special Reports are a classic tool for getting contact information, which in terms of your businesses is the beginning stage of a lead. But not to limit ourselves and the traffic to one route it is wise to have a seller link where they can submit as much or little information as they would like, same goes for the buyers that come upon your site.

Depending on your niche and target, you can gear your site towards your priorities by creating your own special reports with the premium sites. But first and foremost… you want to make sure you understand that the meaning of the free report, squeeze page, and your website is to capture lead information and follow up!

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kenlowman57@yahoo.comCompletely true that the most important factor of running a successful Real Estate website is to first understand the reasons behind the structure, this, helps to market and drive traffic successfully.

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mildred.stephanie@yahoo.comIf you want to work your real estate website all you need to do is to advertise it using SEO to get traffic and visitors online. You can also use the advantage of social media and networking site to advertise your website.

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Decorte@hotmail.comA brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. Jeff Bezos

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