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Who will bail out the banks?


We know that the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 otherwise known as the $700 Billion dollar bailout bill was never intended to buy up the defaulted loans that the banks are holding onto, right?  And we also know that the bailout bill has increased to several trillion dollars, that’s Trillion with a “T”.  But what about the bad loans on the banks books, wasn’t that the purpose of the bailout bill in the first place?  Well yes, originally it was.  Do you remember the original 3 page bailout bill that President George Bush proposed, but was voted down?  The finally bailout bill that was passed one week later was 450 pages long and they must have excluded the 3 original pages which was supposed to direct the bailout to buy up all those bad notes that the banks were holding.

It boggles the mind to see what is happening with all that money that we the tax payer is going to have to pay for, for many generations to come.  There is a few extremely large banks getting the money, but they aren’t even using it to cover the bad debt that they have on the books, they are using it to buy other banks with very little bad debt.  Basically what we are doing with the money right now is giving it to the biggest financial institutions and telling them to use that money to buy smaller companies that weren’t reckless with their money so that you can become so big, that you will be able to do whatever you want and we won’t be able to let you ever fail again.  We will have to bail you out from now on.  And it seems that Americans are ok with this.  I for one am not, and I have been trying to get other people to see what is really going on, but no one wants to listen.

Banks and lending institutions are now sitting on billions of dollars of bad debt and non performing assets.  So who is going to buy them up, like President George Bush originally asked for?  Americans, that’s who.  Government has failed America yet again and it is up to Americans to bail ourselves out.  There are RIET’s and Hedge Funds and other venture capital groups looking at buying up these non-performing assets from smaller banks and financial institutions all across America.  One such company that I am working with HSA has RIET’s and Hedge Funds that are looking for these smaller companies in your area and they need your help getting the word out to the institutions that have this bad paper on their books.  Most of these smaller banks and financial institutions don’t know who to turn to, to buy up millions of dollars of bad debt, now that the government has turned their back on them.  If you are an HSA member, then you can even earn a nice commission for helping out your local banks and financial institutions.  So if you know of any banks or other companies that have non-performing assets let them know that you have an investor with millions of dollars to buy their bad paper.



Reno Real Estate4/27/2015

homeisnevada1425@yahoo.comThanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will post more Post that are related to this.

Reno Real Estate4/27/2015

homeisnevada1425@yahoo.comThanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will continue with us.

Salvage Cars6/6/2011

wiliamsmith4444@gmail.comIt seems that banks are now lending more in order to increase their turnover but they fail to check the credit worth of borrower.


seowebmaster4@yahoo.inNo Bank Bailout ll,Just a takeover of the banks through conversion of preferred to common stock.

Instant Host5/21/2009

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