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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.

Enough of These Get Rich Quick Promises!


This blog post is a little bit of a spring cleaning exercise that is meant to cover some of the professional matters of real estate investing. Together we are going to be covering some points that you will want to keep in mind as you absorb 1,000s of facebook updates, in addition to the average number of marketing contacts that you encounter on a daily basis. There are 3 things that I want to make as clear as day for you that I see mucking up YOUR path to becoming a successful real estate investor:

  1. The dream of getting rich quick
  2. The hype that takes advantage of that dream
  3. Your very own view of your business

The dream of becoming wealthy and successful is something that we can all relate to, but where do we draw the line in the sand between that dream and reality? If you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about stick with me here… There is no shortage of people online and on facebook right now selling dreams, using big numbers of what students have made, and checks they’ve cashed. However, keep in mind that their success does not translate directly to your success, as many a disclaimer will tell you. This is very important to note because anybody these days can create a system and the fact of the matter is that many of these “gurus” hire freelancers to write their materials and do their marketing.

In my opinion the only value these “gurus” provide is how to hype and sell a dream. 

But we’re not looking for dreams, we’re looking for the nuts and bolts and while flowery promises of $10,167 checks rolling in from a mysterious source of automatic income what we should really be interested in is HOW these large checks are made. We should all be craving the opportunity to discover the nuts and bolts that go into successful real estate investing and it’s a shame that so much attention is diverted from what really counts. The real kicker here is that the further the hype dealer can take you into their world the more they get out of you, but trainers like myself and a few other national speakers don’t really care to take that path. To be honest, we’re repulsed by it...

As actual trainers you’ll notice that we never try to dazzle you copies of checks from students, non specific testimonials that are held to little or no accountability. Our job as trainers is to get you interested in LEARNING the nuts and bolts! It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that real estate success leads to significant wealth, so why must you sit through “sellinars” for general overviews and that sales tension in the air? It’s insanity to keep falling for the same hyped trainings that end up being the same prerecorded call you heard last week... just stop!

Tell yourself out loud to just stop. Clear your mind and put on your business hat.

I’m afraid what these paper tiger “gurus” have done to a large amount of investors is planted the idea that they can do real estate as a fun little side project because they are telling you that it’s easy to get rich, it doesn’t require more than a few hours a week of your time, it’s this and that, it’s everything besides a straight up profession!

Look... Real estate is like any other business. Business is competitive and where there is money to be made there’s going to be competition and although things are greatly in our favor lately and the world needs more investors, it won’t do you one iota of good if you don’t see yourself as a professional! I see it all the time where people string themselves along from one idea to the other and have all the resources at their disposal but they just don’t pull the trigger...

Folks, this is not professional and your success in real estate requires a professional attitude. Professionals don’t try, they do, and if they aren’t doing it then they are doing what they have to do exactly that. I admit that it’s a bit confusing but it’s the truth because in order for professionals to accommodate all the do’s in that little tongue twister they must be focused on the tools, the trade, and the profession as a whole. It would behoove of you to get sick of dreaming quick and start doing what you have to do!

Our weekly trainings are designed to answer your questions, not sell you on the next get rich quick scheme. We talk about the issues of the day and what is currently happening in the market, even what happened the day of the training. While we do have services and products available for sale, they are inexpensive and completely optional and the biggest difference with our trainings is that we push you to take action with weekly assignments.

Ultimately your success our goal, but it’s is up to you, and you alone. You can chose to believe the hype and follow every get rich quick sales pit out there, or you can decide to commit to your education and training and join us every Monday night for our free weekly trainings and start working on your business and towards your success ☺

http://www.mikejacka.com/Blog/post/2010/01/29/Real-Estate-Investors-Need-To-Start-With-Back-Page-An-Online-Classified-Site-Primer.aspx If you feel the same way as we do, let us know below by commenting on this post.



Carlton Woods homes for sale8/1/2011

jarrodfrenzel44@yahoo.comTrue, Real Estate is like any other business and making money either the quick way or keeping a steady flow of income depends on the decisions one makes. Glad to have read this post, its really a great pleasure to read the articles on this blog.

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mildred.stephanie@yahoo.comOne of the most advisable way in order to get rich is having a stable and good job. So you should now start looking for any opportunity in order to have bright future.

Mike Jacka7/13/2010

mikej@realestatepromo.comHi Mike, if you are a MnREIA member, you can post wants at www.MnREIA.com. You can also post properties there and on www.RealEstatePromo.com. Also, become a fan of http://www.facebook.com/realest8 and post your haves/wants there.

Mike Dunham7/13/2010

mdunham2826@msn.comMike, How do i post a property or a need on your property listings? I am looking for a Contract for Deed home under $150K, in Longfellow, Nokomis, NE Mpls, or surrounding areas. let me know. Thanks, Mike Dunham

Mike Jacka3/24/2010

mikej@realestatepromo.comThanks Bryon, I love doing the trainings as well, because I am learning from you guys too :-) plus it forces me to do the thing I am asking you to do... lol


bryon@CallGPI.comGreat blog Mike. You hit the nail right on the head. Your Monday Trainings are just that...TRAINING. Not sign up for our webinar so we can sell you more of the same 'ol thing. Don't try..Do.

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