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Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?


It probably won’t work for you if you still think that it won’t. I used to think that for a few years because I wasted a lot of money on direct mail marketing a few years ago, so I stopped direct mail and migrated to online advertising and that worked for a while. But the pendulum has swung back again and I am now getting some good results from direct mail marketing again.

My response rates are still low, but the responses I am getting are better quality leads than I have been receiving from online advertising and fishing through the MLS. I started a couple marketing campaign s a couple of months ago, with little to no results. But I just started hitting the same list a second time and in the past week, I have received 4 good leads. One I have an offer in on a free and clear property, one the seller is still stuck in fantasy land and the other has two rental properties that need short sales, but the numbers look good enough to try them. 

If you haven’t tried direct mail marketing lately, then now would be a good time to get back to the grind stone and create your own marketing campaign. You can watch a training video I did a couple of weeks ago on our marketing night and download my Post Card, Flyer and Letter that I created with our students help over the past couple of months. If you are not a Premium Member yet at www.RealEstatePromo.com, then you will need to create a free account, then upgrade to Premium Membership to access the training videos and all the downloads, but it will be well worth it to become a Premium Member. You will even get a killer Profession Real Estate Investors Website as part of your Premium Membership.

http://www.mikejacka.com/Blog/post/2010/01/29/Real-Estate-Investors-Need-To-Start-With-Back-Page-An-Online-Classified-Site-Primer.aspx What marketing is working for you?



Free credit consultation9/9/2011

jashminethrea@yahoo.comGreat info.

Dorothy Brown - email marketing1/14/2011

browndorothy0204@ymail.comEmail Marketing does really work and still it gives your business a progress. Pay attention what your prospects wants and allowing them to be acknowledged and email marketing is applicable for everybody.

People insurance12/27/2010

shanu@topseohost.comGreat Post Thanks

freelance translation jobs12/8/2010

mildred.stephanie@yahoo.comDirect marketing really works if you know how to use it and its limitation in promoting a business. It is also important if you know how much is applicable to help you achieve your goal in the field of marketing.


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admin@zaren.myagreed. both online and offline marketing is needed for success in real estate business.

direct marketing solutions9/4/2010

teamvinhllc@gmail.comAccording to me a direct marketing solutions is the best way to attract and obtain clients. Also it is more effective as the results can be measured directly but make sure to use the proper technique to get better result.

Jennifer (www.triadexcardmailers.com)7/26/2010

jgraham@triadexcardmailers.comDirect Mail is the way to go. The average industry redemption rate for direct mail is 1/2 to 1% however, I have seen a new piece bring in record breaking redemption rates of 7-14%. This new laminated card mailer stands out and grabs the attention of its prospective customers or reoccurring customers. The look and feel if this piece is significantly different and can be personalized for each customer. Not only can you personalize the piece but you can have multiple versions tailored to different target markets. Tracking your ROI has never been easier due to a barcode or a magnetic strip. The magnetic strip has also made it easier for companies to find out who their main target audience is as well.


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