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The Auto Responder Marketing Guide For Real Estate Investing


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Real Estate Investing requires us to maintain a buyers list, seller leads, and other various prospects. Now that more investors are using the internet for real estate marketing investors need a way to maintain those lists in efficiently and effectively. This is where Auto Responders come into play...

When you are taking your real estate marketing online you will ultimately be obtaining emails that need to be catered to in certain ways. In fact, there are two major elements to any Auto Responder: On the one hand you have the Auto Responder itself which is a program that sends out a series of emails to a lead. This works particularly well for following up with seller leads leads because the actual content doesn't require any updating. On the other hand we have the broadcaster which sends out one single email blast to a list. This comes in particularly handy with buyers and investors that you will be updating with the most current content.

Finding quality information on using Auto Responders can be a daunting task. So what we have to together in this post is a list of recommended readings the will give you a great foundation for learning how to use Auto Responders.