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The Auto Responder Marketing Guide For Real Estate Investing


Auto Responder in Action Interpretation

Real Estate Investing requires us to maintain a buyers list, seller leads, and other various prospects. Now that more investors are using the internet for real estate marketing investors need a way to maintain those lists in efficiently and effectively. This is where Auto Responders come into play...

When you are taking your real estate marketing online you will ultimately be obtaining emails that need to be catered to in certain ways. In fact, there are two major elements to any auto responder: On the one hand you have the auto responder itself which is a program that sends out a series of emails to a lead. This works particularly well for following up with seller leads leads because the actual content doesn't require any updating. On the other hand we have the broadcaster which sends out one single email blast to a list. This comes in particularly handy with buyers and investors that you will be updating with the most current content.

Finding quality information on using auto responders can be a daunting task. So what we have to together in this post is a list of recommended readings the will give you a great foundation for learning how to use auto responders.

The Auto Responder Primer for Real Estate Investors

Auto Responder FAQ

As you're going through this collection you're bound to have questions on using auto responders and as these questions arise we encourage you to post your questions in the comment section of the post you are on. When these questions are posted I'm notified and then we'll answer your question and add it to this Auto Responder FAQ.

What is an Auto Responder?

The auto responder is a time spread series of emails which is best used as a long term strategy for fielding seller leads. We all know that sellers can take their sweet time coming to terms with their situation, so you program your auto responder to follow what got them to submit their information (like a special report/squeeze page). The website s we offer with the training archives for $25/month are equipped to integrate Aweber so the lead from the site goes automatically to the auto responder making your online campaign more self autonomous. So when they sign up, they automatically get email #1 which would be your follow up #1. Then you set another email to be sent to that lead 3 days after with another follow up with more convincing copy and so on. Once you have programmed the auto responder with a schedule it will run automatically on every incoming lead that triggers it.

What is a Broadcaster?

The broadcaster on the other hand sends 1 single email to a whole list of emails. Typically this is best used for keeping your buyers list up to date on your inventory and is a good simple way to keep touching base. Then when they unsubscribe they're no longer looking or you're going overboard on your email email blast. This is something to be particularly mindful of as everything you send should have a particular relevance and value to them. So a broadcast is something current that you update specific details or offerings on while an auto responder is a little more ambiguous as it works to convey a single message through a series of emails rather than provide a time sensitive update

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graceace@gmail.comWe all know that sellers can take their sweet time coming to terms with their situation, so you program your auto responder to follow what got them to submit their information.

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mikej@realestatepromo.comHi Brooks, yes I use Aweber and recommend it. I have never used mailchimp, so I can not compair the two.


brooks.fastsolutions@gmail.comHey Mike! Do you suggest Aweber? I know that a lot of folks use it. We use if for one aspect of our business. I also use mailchimp (I had to try it given their playful attitudes, plus a good amount of free emails!) Do you have an experience with mailchimp? Can you compare the 2?

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