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Private Lending Made Easy - Home Study Course

The Premium System

How To Borrow The Money You Want From People, Not Banks – And Get It Faster And Easier, With No Monthly Payments Or Borrowing Limits

Never Again Lose A Deal Because

You Can’t Finance It Fast Enough!

By Alan Cowgill,

Authority on attracting private money

You too can get the money you want from people, not banks. You can get it faster and easier, with no limit on how much you can borrow.

In this letter, you’ll learn about these 6 positive items when you borrow from private lenders…

  • With no monthly payments
  • With no points or fees – and virtually no closing costs.
  • With no out of pocket costs – not even for renovations.
  • With no credit checks or tax returns.
  • With no waiting periods.
  • With no prepayment penalties

Alan Cowgill is an authority on attracting private money. In this letter, he spills the beans on how he raised a Million dollars from everyday folks seeking good returns from their investment dollars. He shows you how to create an endless supply of money, and borrow on your terms.

With private lenders ready and eager to finance your deals, you’ll be able to…

  • Buy dirt-cheap properties like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t lose a deal to someone with “all cash” because you can’t finance the deal fast enough.
  • Always have cash to close the deal. Make every offer with confidence.
  • Never take a dime out of your pocket. You always get 100% financing, plus the money you need for renovations.
  • Collect part of your future profit the day you buy a property.
  • Borrow with no monthly payments. After all, you’re the one who defines the loan terms. So you entice lenders to let interest accrue until you sell the property.
  • Wield your “all cash” position to negotiate rock bottom prices on the properties you buy.
  • Money is always waiting for you. The moment you sell one property, your next loan is sitting there, waiting for you to buy another.


  1. How Private Money Could Make You A Millionaire…
  2. Why Seasoned Investors Don’t Use Banks…
  3. Never Be Handcuffed By “Creative Financing”…
  4. Never Let Hard Money Lenders Squeeze You Dry…
  5. Get The Money You Want From Individuals, Not Banks…
  6. How Overconfidence Can Damage Your Lending Relationships…
  7. How To Make Your Phone Ring Off The Hook With Lenders…
  8. Attract Prospects And Make Them Beg To Loan You Money…

Over the past 14 years, Alan Cowgill has perfected 16 methods for attracting people with money, winning their confidence, and turning them into private lenders. He’s done hundreds of real estate transactions.

No wonder he’s interviewed alongside Donald Trump in the book Walking With The Wise: Real Estate Investor.

Industry leaders call him the authority on attracting private money, and compete with each other to book him at their conferences.

One year, Mr. Cowgill spoke at 54 conferences and boot camps, 85 training webinars, and was also featured on a couple of radio shows, and a TV show.

How Private Money Could Make You A Millionaire:

Impossible Dream Comes True For Some Real Estate Investors

Imagine it’s two months from now. Your local competitors can never seem to line up financing fast enough. In fact, many of them are afraid to make offers because they don't know how they’ll finance the deals. But you have an unfair advantage...

You’re surrounded by a number of private lenders, ready and eager to finance your real estate deals. I’m talking about regular people who love getting a good return on their investment dollars.

And now that you’re free from using banks, hard-money lenders, and your personal funds, there’s no limit to the number of properties you can buy!

Friend, with the methods you’re about to learn, you will see the potential to have millions of dollars waiting in the wings – without jumping through hoops for bank loans, being ripped off by hard-money lenders, or getting blown off by sellers who fear creative financing.

If you have private lenders now, you’ll learn to attract so many more that they fight to loan you money. And once they’re in competition, they’ll gladly accept a lower interest rate (After all, their only safe alternative is many investments that pay paltry low rate of returns).

But your credibility is a huge factor. Without the right approach, you could be dismissed as a “fly-by-night”, wreck your precious lending relationships, or get trampled by the SEC.

Why Seasoned Investors Never Use Banks

You were probably drawn to real estate for the profit potential. But if you’re like me, you also love being your own boss, calling your own shots, and making your own rules.

So why let banks decide your fate? Why have your hands tied by their strict underwriting guidelines? Why jump through hoops to prove that you’re a good risk?

I have good credit, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. I once waited 4½ months to get a bank loan approved. If the seller had been impatient (which is normal), I would’ve lost the deal.

The bottom line is, you can’t count on your relationship with a banker. I did, and then one day the “regulators” came in and blocked him from doing real estate investor loans. That shut me down instantly. Here’s what happens when you’re at the mercy of banks:

  • You lose the hottest deals. That’s because banks can’t finance them fast enough. Distressed sellers need cash today, not in 30-60 days.
  • You’ve got to cough up a 20% down payment. So your personal funds are always tied up, crippling your cash flow and limiting the number of properties you can own at once.
  • You’re nailed with excessive points and loan fees.
  • You can’t finance properties with water damage, missing furnaces, old electrical systems, or anything unusual. Banks are too picky about which properties they’ll finance – and you’re constantly at their mercy.
  • You’re crushed by backbreaking monthly payments – and often stressed out by negative cash flow.
  • You could be approved at first, only to have the underwriters change their minds at the last minute.

You’re also disqualified from borrowing when you own “too many” properties, leave your salaried job, or don’t have perfect credit. And when you want to finance high-priced properties, such as lakefront houses or apartment buildings, even good credit and income may not satisfy the bank.

Banks might have worked until now. But the moment you quit your day job – or start buying “too many” properties – you’ll lose your ability to borrow from banks. Here are recent emails that demonstrate my point:

"We rehab houses and have a line of credit for $200,000 with our local bank. We are constantly running out of money and can't get an increase because 'this type of property is a little on the risky side for some of the people on the loan committee'. Alan, I've absolutely devoured your information and have come to realize that this is what has been missing in our investing routine."

-- Jill Recker

Never Again Be Handcuffed By “Creative Financing”

In those rare cases where a seller agrees to owner financing, lease options, or “subject to” financing, these creative techniques are great. They free you from using banks and hard-money lenders. But let’s be honest.

When you sell a property, which do you prefer…terms that leave you cash-poor (with ongoing risk if the buyer defaults)…or an all-cash offer? Most sellers are like you. They want closure. They want all cash. When you rely only on creative financing...

  • You lose the hottest bargains – because investors with “all cash” always beat you to the punch.
  • You can’t buy REOs with creative financing.
  • You can’t close on most of the deals you find – since most sellers are afraid of seller financing.
  • You usually pay a higher price. When sellers concede to creative financing, they usually demand higher prices. Those inflated prices eat into your profits – and the experts who teach these methods are the first to admit it!
  • This method is impossible in a hot seller’s market.

"“Alan, before I discovered your system, I lost subject-to deals because I didn’t have the cash upfront. In one deal alone I lost $18,000 profit. Now I have the confidence to go for deals that I would have had to pass on."

-- Clem Carrion

Never Let Hard-Money Lenders Squeeze You Dry

When sellers are distressed, they need cash fast. They can’t wait for bank loans. And they rarely offer creative financing. So most investors think hard-money lenders are the only option. But there are far too many downsides:

  • You’ve got to cough up a 15% down payment. This ties up your personal funds, cripples your cash flow, and limits the number of properties you can own at once.
    You’ve got to pay the loan back within 12 months – so you can’t buy time by lease optioning or owner financing the property.
  • You pay a high interest rate plus five points and you get eaten alive by all of the additional padded closing costs. (When I used hard-money lenders, I saw one deal that had $5,000 in points and more on padded fees, etc.)
  • You need good credit and tax returns. Ten years ago, hard-money lenders loaned solely based on 65% LTV. But today, they qualify you like banks.
  • You’ve got to cough up your own cash for renovations. That’s because your rehab funds are stuck in escrow. So even though you’re paying interest on this money, you don’t get it until after your renovations are validated by an appraiser. (And you have to pay for the appraiser.)
  • You’re slammed with a huge pre-payment penalty – if you flip a house in less than three months.

In short, you’re stuck with the lender’s hard-nosed terms. Your exit strategies – and the types of properties you can buy – are severely limited. Even if you’re willing to cough up his outrageous fees, these extra burdens can really hold you back. Let me give you an example…

I live in the small town of Springfield, Ohio, (to be near my family). I bought a fixer-upper and found a couple willing to buy. The problem: they had poor credit and couldn’t get a bank loan. But they offered me $40,000 down if they could move in immediately. The solution: I gave them a land contract (i.e. contract for deed). I got a $40,000 down payment & they moved in.

Now suppose I’d financed this fixer-upper with hard money instead. After financing my renovations and new carpeting, the hard money lender never would have allowed this exit strategy. After all, he wouldn’t want damage from tenants, pets, or anything else (in case he had to foreclose). So I never could have made this fast $40,000.

"“I had my first private lender within weeks of learning your system. Best of all, I’ve set up several lease option deals with great monthly cash flows – something my old hard money lenders would never have let me do."

-- Samuel Coachman

Get The Money You Want From People, Not Banks – And Get It Faster And Easier, With No Monthly Payments Or Borrowing Limit

With private lenders, you set the terms. So why not eliminate monthly payments – and let the interest accrue until you sell

With this approach, you can finance every deal with other people’s money, and never pay back one red cent until you collect your profit!

Think about it. When we’re flipping houses and only need cash for a few months, the cost of borrowed money is far less important than its availability. And since payment-free loans are a God-send for our cash flow, my students happily offer 6-10% interest to lenders who provide these loans.

If 6-8% sounds high at first, compare it to the traditional way of eliminating monthly debt payments. I’m talking about equity financing. That’s where you find a money partner who finances your purchase and gets half the profit!

With payment-free loans, you come out far better. The extra interest you pay is nowhere near the 50% you’d pay an equity partner.

You can hold dozens of properties at once, without drowning in negative cash flow.

Once you can grow your real estate portfolio, imagine the phenomenal upside. A few extra percent of interest (paid out of your sale proceeds) will feel like pocket change. And remember that you’ll have no upfront points, no pre-payment penalties, and virtually no closing costs. These savings further offset the extra interest.

Later on – I’ll reveal a huge segment of the population that has money to loan but has no need for monthly payments…so they’re glad to let interest accrue.

How To Borrow At Even Lower Interest Rates

Of course, people who need monthly income will accept less interest. (After all, their only safe alternative is investments paying a paltry low rate of return.) So if you offer them the usual monthly payments, many will loan you money at even lower rates.

If you plan to hold a property for several years, a 5%-8% amortized loan will attract many private lenders. Sure, a bank’s rate may be lower. But that bank loan is worthless if it doesn’t fund fast enough, you don’t have the down payment, or you lose the deal to someone with all cash.

What’s more, the hypothetical “savings” of that lower interest rate are gobbled up by the bank’s inflated points, fees, and closing costs. (Not to mention pre-payment penalties later on.) You might have to hold the property for years to offset these overblown costs!

With 100% financing from private lenders, you can pay cash for houses and get them dirt-cheap. You can even borrow the money you need for renovations. So you can beat your competitors to the punch, then get your properties fixed and sold quickly. Best of all,

You have zero out-of-pocket costs!

For example, I got a call from a lady who’d purchased a $65,000 home a few months prior and still hadn’t made the first payment. The bank was desperate and conceded to sell it for $25,000, cash, provided I could close within five days.

Since the house appraised for $65,000, I borrowed $42,750. Although my loan exceeded my $25,000 purchase price, my lender felt secure because the LTV was still less than 70% of the appraisal. Not only did I put $17,045 in my pocket the day I bought it. I lease optioned it a month later and the tenant bought it a couple of years after that.

But without access to private lenders, I could never have exploited the bank’s desperation and made this profit. And neither can you.

After all, few distressed sellers can wait for a bank loan to fund. So it’s a win-win: the seller gets fast cash, my lender gets a high return, and we make money.

Don't Let Overconfidence Damage Your Priceless Lending Relationships

From time to time, I get emails from overconfident real estate investors who heard me lecture at a real estate conference and then jumped the gun. Excited by the benefits of private money, they ran to their friends and relatives for loans, only to be snubbed.

When tested with specific questions, they stumbled. They burned their bridges because they didn’t know the right way to “position” themselves and win the confidence of prospective lenders.

Please don’t make this fatal mistake. Once you burn your relationships, it’s very hard – if not impossible – to salvage them. Why risk being caught off guard with questions you can’t answer? Why gamble away your hard-won relationships?

If you make the wrong first impression, you’ll be dismissed as an amateur or fly-by-night. And you’ll find it very hard to change that perception later.

Just knowing that it’s possible to borrow from friends and colleagues isn’t enough. Lenders need to trust you to complete your renovations, make timely loan payments (if there are any), and pay off the loan balance as agreed.

If they’re worried about the safety of their investment, even a huge 12% return won’t convince them. And you can burn your bridges by approaching them the WRONG way. To come across as credible and competent, you must be ready to answer all of their questions.

Being credible is important but being safe is CRITICAL. You see, when attracting private lender it is not the wild west. There are some basic rules you need to follow. Those rules are established by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

I'm not an attorney nor can I teach legal advice so I had to figure out how to help train my students on the SEC compliance requirements. So I hired an SEC attorney to research every state and the SEC information in this system is provided by him. I'd recommend you get an SEC attorney on your dream team too if you need to register with the SEC.

The Securities & Exchange Commission goal is to protect the private lender. As Real Estate investors we are not allowed to mislead a private lender. That would be considered fraud. There are also some basic rules to follow. In a nutshell…

  1. You are either exempt or you must register your offering. FYI – The Promissory Note is considered a security. Exempt typically means you can find private lenders today.
  2. You have to ask for permission to advertise. How do you ask for permission? You register with the SEC.
  3. In 13 states, you must send in a memo or fill out a brief form, pay a small fee before you get your first lender.
  4. You must have a disclosure statement to give your lenders. It is just putting in writing what your program is all about.
  5. You must ask for permission (register) to pool private lender money.
  6. You can’t pay commissions to others to help you find private lenders unless you live in one of three states that allow “Finders”.
  7. There are two thresholds you need to be aware of to stay in the exempt category. The amount of money you can raise (normally it is a million $) and the number of lenders you can have (range is 5 to 40 depending on what state you are in).
  8. If you decide to cross state lines (lender in one state, property in another), then you have to notify the Federal SEC & the Division of the SEC in each state that you are borrowing money from private lenders.

That’s why I created a step-by-step system for attracting private lenders and also help keep you in compliance. It’s called Private Lending Made Easy: The Premium System.

How To Make Your Phone Ring Off The Hook With Lenders, Win Their Trust, And Create A Limitless Supply Of Money

Most of my students started out as average investors. But once they got hold of The Premium System, some of them raised private money and monopolized their local markets.

"“Thanks Alan - for jump starting my battery! Being in the real estate business for sometime, I was throwing away 5-10 deals a week because of lack of funds! Now, thanks to you, I’m planning and scheduling luncheon meetings for the next 6 weeks."

-- Esther Headley

My favorite part is their amazement at how easily my techniques work. Following my simple system, I’m convinced that almost anyone can raise private money. That’s why I’m offering it risk-free for 7 days.

Once you’re armed with this bulletproof system, you’ll have the power to make prospective lenders line up at your door, win their trust, and create a limitless supply of money – ready to be loaned on your terms.

Now I want to be clear that some of my students use my system to have a low cost luncheon with potential lenders and other students use it for one-on-one meetings. Heck, some of them put it on their laptop and meet folks at a McDonalds. So The Premium System is very versatile.

Here’s what you get with this powerful system:

 A Comprehensive 254-Page, Easy-to-Read Manual

This valuable manual contains the information you need to attract private lenders, be they strangers (once you've registered) or family, friends, or associates, and motivate them to dump loads of money on your doorstep. You’ll receive:

  • The same step-by-step system I use to pack my luncheon presentations with motivated prospects who are frustrated with their current investments. This foolproof system gets them begging to loan you money.
  • My ten secrets to a successful luncheon. Includes a bulletproof guide to setting up and leading your presentation for maximum results.
  • A detailed checklist spelling out exactly what needs to be done the week before your seminar, the day before, the day of, and the day after. It also includes a reservation list so you can keep track of who’s attending.
  • "Talking points" for each of my overhead slides so you know what to say during each slide and why. These simple points will convince your prospects that loaning you money beats any other investment.
  • The 6 ways to demonstrate credibility. Learn my trust-inspiring approach to answering their questions – so you don’t make the wrong impression and scare them off.

The best thing about my presentation is that it’s a soft sell method. So you’ll never have to corner your prospects or pressure them into a decision. And if you decide to register with the SEC then even more tools open up for you to advertise to strangers. The Premium System is created to help you find private lenders from folks that you know (like I did with my mom) and also for strangers once you are in SEC compliance. This manual also shows you:

  • How to rotate your newspaper ads for maximum response – and discover which section of the daily paper gets the biggest results on which day of the week.
  • How to blow the lid off your postcard campaign through repeat mailings. Find out how many times you should re-mail the same prospect, and how frequently.
  • The 4 key characteristics of people you should mail postcards to– so your list broker can compile an ultra-responsive list. By the way, I’ll also give you a list broker’s phone number.

Most important of all, 3 full chapters by my SEC attorney are dedicated to the SEC topic so you’ll learn how to become compliant with the SEC and stay that way! This is one of the aspects of Private Lending that you can’t afford to miss the boat on…it could cost you not only your reputation and credibility, but potentially your money, your business and livelihood, or even your freedom.

 Access to a One-of-a-Kind, Auto-Fill Forms Website

This awesome tool will blow your mind…and save countless hours of your time. It features the tools that I have created; from my postcards and mailers to my newspaper ads to my proven 37-slide PowerPoint presentation (26 forms in all).

When you get The Premium System, you will receive access to this forms website via a web address and registration code. It’s simple; go to the site, create a new account with user a name and password you choose, and then enter the registration code I will give you in your manual. You will need to complete the personal profile information and in a matter of minutes you will have all of this at your fingertips…completed for you…ready to use…with your information from the profile you created:

  • The 37-slide presentation – in PowerPoint and Microsoft Word formats
  • The Audio Business Card
  • The marketing pieces – newspaper ads, postcards, trifolds, and fliers
  • Scripts – for talking to people to get you over the “Fear Monster” of what to say
  • The Seminar Check Sheet and Money Loop Presentation
  • 3 Lender Reports
  • Lender Interest Form (to find out if they are interested or not and if they are, what amount do they want to loan).

How is this possible? By completing the profile, with one click of your mouse, all of my personal and company details are deleted and yours are inserted in the exact same place in all the forms at the same time. Amazing! You can update your profile anytime or download the forms (individually or all at once) (in a format that can be altered) to your computer where you can update them at your convenience.

You will get:

  1. “Elizabeth” mailer: This tri-fold brochure frightens investors with the horror story of a woman – Elizabeth Jones – who lost a chunk of her retirement money, and was too old to make it up. Agitated with worry, potential lenders are compelled to call you and learn more about your exciting alternative.
  2. “Elizabeth” postcard: With a condensed version of Elizabeth’s story, this postcard grabs investors “by the jugular”.
  3. Postcard for people with CDs: This magnetic postcard agitates your prospects, reminding them that their current crummy low paying returns aren’t keeping up with inflation.
  4. Credibility brochure: This tri-fold brochure establishes your credibility and lists the huge advantages of making loans secured by real estate.
  5. Newspaper ad: This ad drives prospective lenders to your doorstep where they fight each other to be “next in line” to loan you money. Once you are registered with the SEC, this tool is ready for you to use.

Once you establish a track record, the lenders you’ve paid back will be anxious to loan you more money. You’ll start hearing from their friends and colleagues too. Then you will plug in the 30-day 3 touch rule described in the Premium System to get to where you can ask them to loan you money.

These are the same magnetic tools my students use to generate non-stop phone calls from people with money.

Once your phone is ringing off the hook, you’ve got three options. You can mail callers my Audio Business Card Package (detailed in a minute), meet with them one-on-one, or invite them to a luncheon presentation.

With these last two approaches, my compelling PowerPoint presentation gives the entire sales pitch for you. So you don’t need any public speaking experience. You just click forward from one slide to the next!

Of the three methods, my favorite is giving luncheon presentations. It’s more time-efficient than meeting with individuals one-on-one.

If you don’t want to stand in front of a group, maybe you can hire your accountant or real estate attorney to lead luncheon presentations – and it gives you even more credibility. Just remember you can’t pay them a commission but hey they do get a free lunch.

You can also set up one-on-one appointments and show my PowerPoint presentation on your laptop. This what half of my students do.

So You Get These Tools As Well:

  1. PowerPoint presentation: This 37-slide presentation turns “just curious” prospects into true believers. I spent over 100 hours developing this presentation, and it has generated terrific enthusiasm ever since. It wins your prospects’ confidence and makes them eager to participate in your lending program. And when someone can’t attend your luncheon, you can meet privately and show it to them on your laptop.
  2. “Parade of Homes” slide show: With dramatic before and after photos of houses I’ve rehabbed, this timed PowerPoint slide show makes a great impression on prospective lenders. If you prefer, you can pop my pictures out and put in your type of properties. Your choice. The wonderful thing for you is the timed presentations that runs until you click it off, is already set up and you can easily add or delete the property pictures.
  3. Lender reassurance packet: Contains mouth-watering examples of how much money your lender could earn by loaning you money. Also contains the four documents that secure lender loans: the promissory note, recorded mortgage, UCC-1 filing, and certificate of insurance naming the lender as mortgagee. This reassures your prospective lenders further – because it shows that you have their best interests at heart.
  4. Special Report: This 8-page report has 11 questions and answers on Private Lending. It wins over even the most skeptical prospects, so you don’t have to. Reproduce it for pennies and give it to prospective lenders. It further entices them to loan you money.
  5. Private Lender signup packet: This strategically designed packet will give you everything you need to sign up private lenders, including a welcome letter, commitment form, and investment projection.
  6. Participation (interest) Form: When you pass out copies of this form, prospective lenders will tell you how much they want to loan you, when they’ll be ready, and who else they know with money to loan.

You might wonder how I came up with this participation form. At my first luncheon, I didn’t have an effective way to close the sale. So my prospects just ate lunch and left. As I chased them into the parking lot, I felt humiliated -- like a stereotypical “ambulance chaser”. Thankfully, you don’t have to repeat my blunder.

To get this solved, I consulted with a high-priced consultant. He told me to create a participation form, and it’s been a lifesaver ever since. Now prospects don’t feel pressured. With this soft sell approach, they happily tell me how much money they want to invest, and how soon.

Best of all, a lender’s initial commitment is just a starting point. Once you earn his trust – by paying him back as agreed – they’ll typically loan you a lot more.

If you don’t have a track record yet, these six tools will give you instant credibility. These are the same tools I’ve used to get loan commitments totaling as much as $250,000 at a single luncheon from folks that I know.


"“At the first luncheon I hosted, I gave everyone a packet. It was only to practice, so I wasn’t expecting anyone to sign up. But out of 15 in the room a few did. Without your system, I would not have known where to begin."

-- Charlotte Birchfield

“At the first luncheon I hosted, I gave everyone a packet. It was only to practice, so I wasn’t expecting anyone to sign up. But out of 15 in the room a few did. Without your system, I would not have known where to begin.”
-- Charlotte Birchfield, CA

 An Informative Quick-Start Audio CD

This CD is your first step when you get this system. I will personally guide you through the system and give you step-by-step instructions on where you should start, focusing you on the things that will get you up and running, collecting those private lender funds, in the shortest amount of time…safely. My goals are to keep you from struggling with this aspect of private lending and to get you started on the right foot.

 10 Super Audio CDs

In addition to the tools you’ve read about, The Premium System has eleven audio CDs that will transform you into a private money master. Take my premium system with you anywhere you go. You can listen to these great CDs in the car, while you’re exercising, or while doing work around the house. These audio CDs will transform you into a private money master. You get six CDs that are a recording of a live seminar, a CD of me interviewing my office manager on preparing for a luncheon (Luncheon Check Sheet), a CD of me answering student questions (Alan Answers Questions) and a CD of me presenting my PowerPoint slides (Luncheon Presentation). These audios cover the full gamut of obtaining Private Lender money, such as...

23 Secrets To Attract Qualified Prospects And Make Them Beg To Loan You Money

  • If you want to work with strangers, you get registered then collaborate with your mailing list broker to create an ultra-qualified list of local folks who have money. Of course, many of the respondents became “repeat customers”, loaning money again and again each time you repay them.
  • Use dirt-cheap mailers, special reports, “rotating” newspaper ads, and “drip” postcard campaigns to jam-pack every luncheon with qualified prospects after you are registered so you can advertise.
  • Show prospective lenders how you’re an expert on finding distressed properties, renovating them, and profitably reselling them.
  • Never turn away money because a would-be lender can’t cover 100% of your purchase price. Learn to use second mortgages so these lenders can finance your renovations, or piggyback on top of lenders with more to loan.
  • Use your “all cash” position to get rock-bottom prices on the properties you buy.
  • Borrow the “frozen” money in your lenders’ IRA accounts – by helping them create self-directed IRAs. Screwing this up could irreversibly complicate your lender’s tax obligations. You’ll know how to choose the right forms and fill them out correctly.
  • Stop watching your profits disappear because you can’t resell your properties quickly enough. I once had nine renovated houses sitting vacant for months, and the loan payments were eating me alive. Thank God I learned the secret to plugging this leak. This life-saving technique will stop your suffering too.
  • Handle demanding prospects who want to micro-manage you. I’ve dealt with a few of these prospects, and our hard-won advice will save you from months of grief.
  • Your lenders many times will loan you more and more money. With this strategy, I have many repeat lenders who are now loaning me many times their original investment.
  • Position your loans as the alternative to risky stocks.
  • Assume the right “posture” so you never come across as begging for money – a perception that can really damage you.
  • Create so much demand from lenders that you can slash your interest rate – and still have plenty of lenders lined up to loan you money! When you have too many private lenders, you can even turn away the ones who want too much influence on your deals.
  • Quickly screen out prospective lenders who’ll be more trouble than they’re worth. Learn the magic words to pre-screen lenders so you'll be working only with easy-going, qualified lenders. This one session can save you a lot of pain.
  • Borrow with no down payment – Here’s how to get the “after-repair-value” appraisal and borrow the entire purchase price, plus enough for renovations, while still giving lenders 70% LTV.
  • How much interest should you offer your lenders?
  • Should interest start accruing when you receive the lender’s money, or when you close escrow on the property? Take our advice and you won’t have to grapple with this.
  • Start conversations with a 30-second commercial that makes people eager to jump on your bandwagon.
  • Should you route inquiries to your cell phone? Your voicemail? A live answering service? Find out which method I used and why.
  • Many prospects will think your offer is “too good to be true”. Learn to explain how private money helps you grab bargains before your competitors do and negotiate rock-bottom prices.
  • At the end of your luncheon, you don’t want to pressure your prospects. But if your “soft sell” is too soft, you’ll forfeit a lot of money. The solution: give your attendees these three choices. This keeps you from losing folks who are “on the fence”. It gets loan commitments from people whose assets aren’t liquid yet.
  • The safest and only way to take money from your lenders, so there’s no mismanagement or even the perception of mismanagement.
  • When someone with a ton of money to loan you demands a higher interest rate, should you make an exception?
  • Prospective lenders may think, “Are you for real? What have you done?” Here are credibility techniques you can use to melt away their skepticism.
  • After renovating, should you buy and sell, buy and hold, or lease option your properties? I’ve tried all three. Find out which exit strategy I like best and why.
  • Get a “cash advance” against your future profit – and go home with a check the day you buy a property.

"Alan, I had private lenders before, but your system has blown the roof off my business! I’m buying more houses than ever, and doing commercial property much easier. For example, I recently bought a foreclosure for $60,000. It needed $5,000 in repairs. So using your techniques, I financed it with $70,000 from a private lender..."

-- Clark Fletcher

On my Luncheon Check Sheet, my office manager and I walk you through my planning secrets – what I do “behind-the-scenes” – to make sure that my luncheons are very well attended presentations.

You’ll find these same secrets in my manual, in the form of a 5-page fool-proof check sheet. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Secrets to choosing the right location. Don’t let the wrong room size or too many distractions undermine your luncheon. The right location can boost your credibility. But some of the “obvious” choices could backfire on you.
  • The four qualities of investors most likely to attend your luncheon. For an ultra-responsive mailing list, give these criteria to your list broker.
  • How to maximize the response to your postcard campaign. Should you announce your luncheon time…or make prospects call you for the time? Should you require reservations? What colors get the most attention? Get these answers and more.
  • When to mail your postcards (relative to the luncheon date).
  • Discover which is more effective: reaching a greater number of prospects with one mailing or contacting fewer prospects repeatedly.
  • Create a “double-whammy” effect with your print ads. Plus, how long to run them, which sections of the paper to run them in, and which phrases to announce in boldface.

On the Alan Answers Questions audio CD, I have a conversation with one of my beginner-level students and I answer questions he had in the early stages of his start-up. Questions like:

  • Can you use private lender funds to refinance a hard money loan?
    Should you amortize a private lender loan or pay simple interest?
  • Can you use an existing LLC for raising private lender funds or should you get a new one?
  • Why you would want to put properties into land trusts?
  • What is the UCC and why you should file with them?
  • Can you contact people with 401Ks and under what circumstances can you use their money?

On the Luncheon Presentation CD, you will hear me present my powerful slide presentation at a live luncheon. Listen to how I explain the documents that secure their loan, the process and my exit strategy, how I pay, how I determine the value of the house, information about my company and the options that are available to them.

 My Audio Business Card – Use it to get loan commitments from prospective lenders who can’t attend your luncheon.

How would you like to attract private lenders like bees to honey? Well here is my most powerful marketing tool. This package contains a compelling cover letter, sample promissory note, commitment form, and a list of the items securing your lender’s investment. Plus, mouth-watering examples of how much money your lender could earn.

And it’s all housed in a plastic “clamshell” case.

Most convincing of all is the blockbuster CD titled “A Great Alternative To The Stock Market”. You won’t believe how well this audio CD motivates your prospects to loan you money. Here’s an example:

"As I was putting my first luncheon together, a friend came over just to say hi and ask what I was doing. So I told her and she asked to listen to the luncheon CD and then the ‘Great Alternative’ CD. I was elated because I had no idea she had any money at all, the way she portrays herself. Thank you very much Alan."

-- Clinton O'Grady

You’ll get access to the forms website containing all of the printer-ready documents you need to create your own Audio Business Card Package. It also includes a cover insert for your clamshell, CD labels for “A Great Alternative…”, and a template of my double-sided business card. Plus, a license to reproduce everything.

 Awesome Credibility Kit

Private Lenders will only lend you money if they trust you. Building credibility is the least appreciated, but most important, item in your Tool Kit. Therefore, I cover all aspects of credibility building. One of the components is a well-developed credibility kit. See my full credibility kit that I use, so you will know exactly how to build your own

 “1-On-1” Deal Closer Toolkit

So when prospects can’t make it to your luncheon – and the Audio Business Card Package isn’t quite enough to win them over – you can easily close the deal in person. This Toolkit is also perfect if you prefer not to hold group meetings.

  1. A bulletproof checklist: to prepare you for your meeting. Includes what to bring to the meeting, what to cover, and what documents to notarize and record. It also shows you how to update your bookkeeping software, amend your insurance policy, and reassure your new lender that he made a great decision.
  2. Phone scripts: when people respond to your ads, use these bulletproof phone scripts to excite them, reassure them, and compel them to meet with you. You won’t believe how eager and motivated they’ll be to meet with you.
  3. Meeting script: Memorize this script for your 1-on-1 meetings. Then you’ll be able to answer the toughest lender questions with confidence. You’ll know the right way to “position” yourself, overcome their skepticism, and win their trust. So even if you’re just getting started, you’ll come across as an “old pro”.

 Set of Three Spreadsheets (On-Line) that’ll give you a snapshot of your business, saving you lots of time.

  1. Follow Up Report - This life-saving spreadsheet quickly and easily organizes the follow-up info for your prospective lenders so your prospects will never fall through the cracks. You’ll never lose an opportunity because you forgot to follow up.
  2. Active Lender Report – Makes it easy to pay your lenders on time. Lists each lender’s contact info, the date money was loaned, the amount, and when interest is due (i.e. monthly or when the property sells).
  3. Payment Schedule – With this report, you’ll never forget who to pay and when. It shows which payments are due on the first and fifteenth of each month, and lets you type in the date each payment is made.

Super Bonus #1: List Of Private Lenders In Your Area
(Heard my competitor charges $1,997.00)

Right now there are Private Lenders living in your area who have loaned money recently & are eager to do so again & again in the future. That’s right, I have a nationwide list of active private lenders and I’m going to make this incredibly profitable information available to you – and unlike my competitors, with my Premium system, you’ll have the information you need to ensure you stay in SEC compliance when you contact these local private lenders!

Not only are you getting a system to attract private lenders like a bee to honey, I’m giving you a JUMP START with a ready made list of HOT lenders! And, the wisdom on how to stay safe with the SEC before you use the list. See Bonus #2 plus 3 chapters in the manual are dedicated to keeping you safe with the SEC.


Super Bonus #2: SEC Compliance Essentials (Audio 8-Pack)
(Normally $595.00)

If you cringe at the thought of an IRS audit, then believe me, the last thing you want is trouble with the SEC. This groundbreaking audio set talks on how to stay in compliance with the SEC.

I hired my securities attorney to record 8 audio CDs. He teaches you the easy way to comply with SEC regulations so you can advertise and borrow with complete peace of mind. You’ll discover:

  • How to remain exempt from filing paperwork with the government.
  • How filing requirements change as your number of lenders grows.
  • Advertising “no-no”s that could get you into trouble.
  • Why private mortgage lending is an exempt category.
  • How to legally advertise and borrow money across state lines.
  • The exact disclaimer language to include in your ads and on your web site once you are registered.
  • Disclosure statements that’ll protect you and inform you lender.
  • Explanation of a public offering.

Every state has different SEC requirements. If you don’t know the rules for your state, you could face serious fines and penalties. So make sure you’re in compliance. When we form a promissory note, you are selling “securities”, which are controlled by the SEC. We’re in an exempt category, but it’s not the Wild West and there are rules you must follow. The good news is that they are easy – the problem most real estate investors have is they don’t know the rules.


For website orders only you get these…

Three essential Private Lending guides (Normally $30.85)

Absolutely Free!!!

These three guides – delivered as digital e-books instantly – will arm you with hard-won real estate knowledge:

  1. Alan Cowgill on Pooling Private Lender Funds ($9.95 value)
  2. Usury Regulation ($9.95 value)
  3. Short Sale Specialist ($9.95 value)

Your Risk Here Is ZERO!

Take a quantum leap forward with “The Premium System”. At the end of 7 days, you must be convinced that this is one of the best investments you’ve ever made. Otherwise, I don’t want your hard-earned money. That’s why I’m inviting you to review everything for 7 days with no risk or obligation.

 My groundbreaking system is one-of-a-kind – and contains no repackaged filler material or methods you’ve read or learned elsewhere.

 Every script, postcard, print ad, mailer, etc, you receive is turnkey and ready-to-go – so you won’t waste a single minute turning abstract concepts into real world tools.

If for ANY reason you don’t find yourself thrilled with my methods at the end of 7 days– just contact my office for instructions on how to return the materials for an prompt and courteous 100% refund. No questions. No hassles.


"Your system was a wake up call, showing me the right way to contact people and what to say. Before your system, I had to put deals on hold to work out other options. Now I always have the money to close right away."

-- Mel Elliott

No matter what you decide, the hard-won secrets you’ve learned and the Special Bonuses - the 3 Ebooks worth $29.91 - are yours to keep. That’s a guaranteed gain, just for reviewing my bulletproof system.

Many people are shocked that I’m taking this much risk. After all, if too many of my customers were dissatisfied, I could lose my shirt with this offer. How can I be so confident?

Your best and worst case scenarios

At best, you’ll start raising private money immediately (like many of my students have), and you’ll raise more beyond that. You’ll enjoy a snowball effect as you move towards financial freedom. For the rest of your life, you’ll have an unfair advantage over your local competitors. You'll avoid losing a great deal because you can’t line up financing.

That hole will be plugged forever – because lenders will be chasing you to borrow their money. You’ll have the power to finance any kind of real estate deal of any size.

At worst, you’ll get to profit from my secrets risk-free. And even if you return my package.

Why continue having your hands tied by banks or hard-money lenders? Now you can borrow all the money you want from private lenders.

Why waste your time and money on “trial and error”? Now you can profit from the same magnetic methods my students and I have used.

Why risk being caught off guard with questions you can’t answer? Why make the wrong first impression and be dismissed as an amateur or fly-by-night?

Why burn your bridges because you did a poor job of “positioning” yourself and lost the confidence of prospective lenders?

If you procrastinate, you’ll lose the three E book Special Bonuses worth $29.91. But the natural consequence is much worse. Without “The Premium System”, how will you ever join the major leagues? Your potential will always be stifled by the rules and limitations of banks and hard-money lenders.

Please don’t let that happen. Let me rush you these magnetic methods, secrets, and marketing tools…with zero risk or obligation. I realize that $997 is a significant commitment. But here’s how I would look at it:

  • Add up all of the money you’ll save in closing costs. (This alone pays for the Premium System)
  • Add up all of the hot deals you’ll snatch from your competitors – because you can close immediately (and they can’t).
  • Add up all of the negotiations you’ll win because of your “all cash” position.
  • Factor in how much easier it’ll be to own lots of property – once you’re liberated from monthly payments.

Now add up the costs of NOT ordering my bulletproof system:

  • You’ll continue being gouged by your lender’s inflated closing costs.
  • You’ll continue losing deals because you can’t finance them fast enough.
  • You’ll continue feeling squeezed by monthly payments.
  • If you use hard money lenders, you’ll continue paying their inflated fees.

Just click here to get started now…



Alan Cowgill

P.S. Don’t risk being fined or shut down by the government – because you didn’t get The SEC Compliance Essentials (audio 8-pack). Grab my risk-free offer today.

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