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Lead Paint Treatment

ECOBOND® LBP, LEAD DEFENDER®..is a Proud vendor of Home Depot whereby it Seals and Treats Hazardous Lead Paint in those older homes.

ECOBOND®LBP, LEAD DEFENDER® is used as a leave on specialty paint application to seal and treat lead in addition for removal practices both treating and sealing prior to disposal.  Used on numerous projects nationwide, ECOBOND®LBP, LEAD DEFENDER® using EPA test methods not only treats and seals lead but is responsible for reducing the bio-availability, leaching, and suppressing the harmful lead dust particulates during RRP by up to 99% (EPA method 1311).  In addition, due to the ECOBOND®LBP, LEAD DEFENDER® patented natural phosphate reagent reduces the bio-availability by up to 85% (EPA 9200.1-86 non-fasting pH 2.2).  This not only assists in Lead Safe Practice Rules, but RCRA and Air Quality Sample Compliance readings as well, thus potentially saving thousands in hazardous disposal fees.