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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.

Do You Feel That You Are Behind In Your Online Real Estate Marketing?


This question is like quicksand to many investors who feel like this new wave of technology has passed them by, and for that matter who can blame them?

But in business it isn’t about blame, it’s about identifying opportunity and seizing it… Figuring out what’s broken and fixing it… Growing, adapting, and recognizing… To those who are up to their knees in sand there is a very simple solution to getting out:

Grab the stick and slowly pull yourself out. In this case I am referring to getting a website and slowly building traffic through education, trial and error, and common sense. Fact of the matter is that you don’t need a full blown website with all sorts of doodads on it. Why? Because all those doodads distract from the main purpose of having a site, if you have all sorts of reports, weather plug-ins, news streams, and pages galore you’re sinking again.

What you want your website to do (fortunately) is very simple.

  1. Convince your visitor to take action
  2. Get Their Contact Information (to form a lead, either motivated seller or buyer)
  3. Advertise your properties/deals

Informing them of the latest Mortgage News Daily updates does not do anything for you except take your visitor to another page, one that isn’t yours! And you’ve lost them. After years and years of testing bells and whistles we’ve come to the conclusion that a lean mean lead generating machine is the way to go.

The key word being LEAN!

Think of things from the motivated seller’s point of view:

  1. They come to your page because they’ve seen it advertised on any piece of your traditional advertising, maybe on craigslist, perhaps they found you by just typing random web addresses. But that isn’t important at the moment.
  2. The prospective lead sees your landing page that illustrates that you are a professional in solving prevalent housing problems. All this funnels down to spark their interest and encourages them to apply for your “Free Special Report.” This is you main goal!!!
  3. In order for them to obtain the “Special Report” they must submit some form of contact information typically their name and email.
  4. The “Special Report” readies them for your contact and illustrates further that they need your help.
  5. Now they are YOUR lead and you take it from there!

This is all you want your site to do, anything more and you’ll sink into the ground beneath you, if you don’t use this specific approach then you’re going to be stuck in a situation where you may get hits, but simply no leads. This is the way… Makes sense doesn’t it? This same approach can also be geared towards buyers with the addition of your property listing to peak their interests.

So there you have the stick to pull you out of the sand, but you’re going to need something on the other end of that stick to keep hold while you’re pulling yourself out… otherwise you’ll still be stuck in the sand with a useless stick. This is where we step up to the plate to give you the training and the support on the other end of the stick so you can get out and move forward at full pace.

We’re offering weekly trainings in addition to the free websites because we want you to succeed and enjoy our network. You’ve got nothing to lose by reaching for the stick and attempting to pull yourself out, otherwise you’re only going to sink deeper into the quicksand you’ve found yourself in.

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grand rapids incontinence8/3/2011

carothers_george@yahoo.comYou have provided great points and tips. For sure, many people especially those think and feel that they are behind in their real estate marketing will find this very advantageous.

What to Invest In6/14/2011

sethczerepak@gmail.comI think the trick for any real estate agent to succeed in online marketing is to have a good and well maintained blog. It is also a good tip to have a video blog where they can showcase the property on the website. Through this, interested parties no longer have to go through individual house visits and waste their time as well as the agent's.

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